Discover the Traditional Art and Olympic Sport
of Throwing and Grappling

Offering traditional & competitive classes for juniors, teens, adults, women and men


Juniors Classes

7 - 13 y.o.’s have classes from 5:30 - 6:45 pm on Monday & Thursdays, with and

ADVANCED Juniors class from 6 - 7:15 pm on Wednesdays.

Mini-Samurai Class

Introductory Martial Arts program for children ages 4 - 6
Mondays at 4:30
Next session starts April 22nd



aDULT Classes

Adults & Teens class from 7:00 - 8:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays.

Saturday is an ALL ages family class from 12:30 - 2:00.


Front Range Judo honors Dr. Kano’s conception of Judo by combining intensive training with the traditions of the art. We believe – like Kano – that Judo is a way for people of all ages to develop physically, mentally and spiritually in order to benefit society.

We are a USA Judo certified club and our lead instructors have the following training and background:

  • USA Judo certified
  • Trained in concussion awareness, CPR, and first aid
  • SafeSport certified through the US Olympic committee

At Front Range Judo, we combine the traditions of this martial art with the intensity required to master an Olympic sport. Our training sessions are designed to develop agility, balance, strength and mental fortitude. Whether practicing recreationally or competitively, you’ll experience the best and most innovative workouts in the area.



Sensei Chris Goodwin

Sensei Chris Goodwin

Sensei Goodwin has been practicing Judo in Boulder since 1962 and has been teaching in the area for over 20 years. He was presented the rank of sandan (3rd degree black belt) in 2011 through the Colorado Judo League. He has studied Nage No Kata, Katame No Kata, and Kime No Kata under Sensei Barry Hoffman (rokyudan, 6th degree black belt). Chris has a national level certification as a Judo coach through USA Judo.

Chris has enjoyed coaching many of his students at numerous local and national Judo tournaments, and he understands both the benefits and limitations of competition Judo. In Class, Sensei Goodwin focuses on the technical aspects of Judo and stresses the importance of Dr. Kano’s principles of Seiryoku Zenyo (maximum efficiency, minimum effort) and Jita Kyoei (mutual benefit and welfare). 

Through his teaching, Sensei Goodwin hopes to honor his many fine sensei and perpetuate the practice of Judo as envisioned by Dr. Kano. 

Certifications and Training

  • Sandan 2011 (3rd degree black belt)
  • USA Judo National Level Coach Certification
  • USOC Safe Sport Certification
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Concussion Awareness Training
Sensei Ricky Delgado - Front Range Judo

Sensei Ricky Delgado

Sensei Ricky began studying traditional Karate and Japanese Jiu Jitsu at the age of 16 in Virginia. After 10 years, he reached the rank of Ni-Dan (2nd degree black belt) and had several years of Karate teaching experience.

In 2007, Ricky donned a white belt again and began studying Judo. He was immediately drawn to its intensity and physicality. Throughout his training in Judo, Ricky has competed in local tournaments and clinics, and has also taught Junior classes (ages 6-12) for five years.

In the winter of 2014, Ricky received his Shodan (1st degree black belt) from Sensei Chris Goodwin and Olympic Alternate Sherrie Wilson, and in 2016 he became a Certified USA Judo Coach. Teaching and education has always played an important role in Ricky’s life. He has taught high school English and coached multiple sports, including wrestling.

Certifications and training:

  • USA Judo Regional Level Coach Certification (2016)
  • Shodan in Judo (2014)
  • Shodan in Kunibaha Goshindo (2010)
  • Nidan in Kunibaha Shito Ryu (2007)
  • USOC SafeSport Certified
  • Concussion Awareness
  • CPR