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When it comes to our programs, we believe in ensuring that you feel comfortable to commit to our club; Judo requires commitment, consistency, and discipline. Try a class, our small judo community will surely make you feel welcome.

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Special pricing for college students. We know, college life is not a life of luxury. We’ve got your back and have made Front Range Judo very accessible for students.

Throwing Since 2015

Boulder Colorado

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Front Range Judo honors Dr. Kano’s conception of Judo by combining intensive training with the traditions of the art. We believe – like Kano – that Judo is a way for people of all ages to develop physically, mentally and spiritually in order to benefit society.

We are a USA Judo certified club and our lead instructors have the following training and background:

  • USA Judo certified
  • Trained in concussion awareness, CPR, and first aid
  • SafeSport certified through the US Olympic committee

At Front Range Judo, we combine the traditions of this martial art with the intensity required to master an Olympic sport. Our training sessions are designed to develop agility, balance, strength and mental fortitude. Whether practicing recreationally or competitively, you’ll experience the best and most innovative workouts in the area.

Throwing since 2015
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Judo was founded by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882 as a refinement of older Japanese Jiu Jitsu combat styles. Kano looked to preserve the tradition of Japanese martial culture that was dying with the fading samurai. By eliminating the most dangerous techniques from free practice, he created a new training method called Randori. This not only allowed students to become more effective as fighters, but made Kano’s new Jiu Jitsu style, Judo, more dominant than others.


The foundation of Front Range Judo is our judo programs, designed to teach the traditional judo techniques mixed with modern Olympic style competitive judo, all within parameters of safety and respect.

other opportunities

We offer different training using techniques of other sports as wrestling, Jiu jitsu, and old school judo (Kosen Judo).  All this, coupled with physical development programs. Check out our schedule for specific dates and styles.

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To perform at peak level, we offer our judoka the opportunity to train hard, Always bringing out the best in them.


Excellent judo, great culture with low ego and a general environment of friendship and respect. There’s roughly equal time and investment in programs for both adults and children and classes are offered at different levels of experience and intensity. Sensei Ricky especially has done a tremendous job keeping this judo club alive and well in the Boulder area through many years, multiple location shifts, and some hard times (including the pandemic of the past few years), which speaks volumes to the level of commitment and consistency he brings to the mats. The senseis at Front Range Judo support the full range of adult students, from older beginners and recreational players to active competitors, even traveling at their own expense at times to personally coach students competing at events in other states.
Ben Kamphaus

“Front Range Judo is a fantastic, small Judo community that works together to become better.”

Manuel Leyva

I first came to Boulder four years ago as an out-of-state college student and joined Front Range Judo looking to build confidence, get back in shape, and join a new community. Despite having no background in judo or any similar sport, all the coaches and members accepted me as one of their own and immediately made me feel like part of the FRJ family. Sensei Ricky and Sensei Manuel not only take the time to support beginners – whether it be in the kids class or the adults class – from all backgrounds, but have also created a community that has stayed strong and supported one another through some pretty major challenges (the COVID pandemic and the recent Marshall Fires). The club not only supports those looking to learn a new skill and gain fitness, but also supports students who wish to reach higher levels and compete. I strongly believe that joining Front Range Judo was the best decision I made during my time in Boulder, and could not recommend this club enough to anyone interested in trying judo!

Zach Ehling

“I want to share a story about how the judo skills you taught the girls continue to benefit them, even off the mat.

Since we moved, Maya has taken up horseback riding. At her lesson yesterday she was well into a fast trot when her horse was startled by something in the ring. He jumped back and to the side and Maya, unfortunately, flew off of his front end. In mid air, she turned her body and hit the ground with her arms out, head forward, and chin tucked. I was of course terrified, but she immediately jumped up, shook it off, and got back on the horse, completely unscathed.
She had no idea what she did, but I truly believe she naturally transitioned to a judo fall and saved herself from a potentially dangerous situation.

So, thank you Ricky for being an awesome teacher and for giving them skills that are now a natural part of how they do things. 

Katie L.

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We open from Monday through Saturday at different times of the day check out our full schedule by following the link below.


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